Sept. 9, 21–Colonel Scott Bannon / Marine Resources Division Director, The Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources

Biography of Scott Bannon
Scott Bannon is the Director for the Alabama Marine Resources Division (MRD) of the Alabama
Department of Conservation and Natural Resources. The mission of the Marine Resources
Division is to manage the State’s marine fishery resources through research, enforcement, and
education for the maximum benefit of the resources and the citizens of Alabama. The Division
consists of enforcement, fisheries, and administrative sections.
Scott has been with the Marine Resources Division for 24 years has been the Director since 2017.
He began his career as a municipal police officer before becoming a Conservation Enforcement
Officer. He has held the positions of officer, Sergeant, Lieutenant, Captain and Chief of
Enforcement. In 2006, he was selected as the Alabama Wildlife Federation Officer of the Year for
actions taken during Hurricane Katrina, 2014 recipient of the Order of the Purple Heart Award for
bravery for actions taken in historic flooding in Baldwin County and is the 2020 Fisheries
Conservationist of the Year.
Scott is retired from the US Coast Guard after having 30 years in active and reserve capacities. He
achieved the rank of Master Chief Petty Officer (E9). He has served as a boarding officer, boat
coxswain, Underway Officer of the Deck and Conning Officer (ship driver), navigator and
Command Master Chief. He has been stationed in Puerto Rico, Rhode Island, Connecticut and
Alabama serving on three patrol boats, 2 small boat stations, Naval Academy Prep School, Port
Security Unit and Sector Mobile. Additionally, he has deployed to operations in Cuba, South
America, Mexico, Haiti and other Caribbean Islands.
Scott was born in Louisville, KY and resides in Mobile, AL. He is a graduate of Columbia
Southern University and is active member of First Baptist Church Tillman’s Corner where he
teaches College Life Group, coaches soccer and basketball and participates in the drama ministry.
He is married to Pamela and has 2 children, Brandon a Special Tactics Captain in the US Air Force
and Bailey, a sale representative for Thompson Caterpillar, and has 3 grandchildren