Sept. 30, 21–Doug Otto / USAF 53rd Recon Squadron, Hurricane Hunter

Doug Otto recently retired from the Corps of Engineers’ Mobile District,
where he served as the Chief of the Engineering Division. A licensed
Professional Engineer, he was responsible for all engineering services for the
District’s Civil Works and Military programs. In addition to his engineering
career, he also served in the Air Force Reserve for over thirty years, retiring
as a Colonel in 2015. As a Command Pilot with over 4,000 military flight
hours, he is a veteran of Operation Just Cause, Operation Desert Shield, and
over 150 hurricane eyewall penetrations while serving as the Commander of
the 53rd Weather Reconnaissance Squadron “Hurricane Hunters”. He earned
a Master of Science degree in Civil Engineering from Georgia Tech, a
Bachelor of Civil Engineering degree from Auburn University, and is a
graduate of the USAF War College. As a spouse of a working wife, his
current career goals are to ensure the meals are made, the laundry folded,
and the kids get where they need to be . .