Sept. 21, 23–LTC William E. Counts Sr. (USA-Retired) / Deputy Executive Director, USS Alabama Battleship Memorial Park

Ebb Counts has been employed as Deputy Executive Director at USS
Alabama Battleship Memorial Park for close to 7 years. Ebb provides
oversight on all operations of Battleship Memorial Park. His latest and
current project is overseeing the replacement of the battleship’s teak
deck. This is a 36 month, 8.5 million dollar project.
After 32 years of service, Ebb is a retired Lieutenant Colonel from the
United States Army, Alabama Army National Guard and US Army
Reserves. Ebb is Special Forces Qualified “Green Beret”. In 2009 Ebb
deployed to Afghanistan as part of Operation Enduring Freedom. His
awards and decorations include the Legion of Merit, Bronze Star Medal,
and Meritorious Service Medal.
One of the highlights of Ebb’s distinguished military career is his service
as a Military Intelligence Officer and his work for Lieutenant General
Russell Honore’ – Joint Force Headquarters Homeland Security.
Ebb has attended University Military School, Marion Military Institute,
Auburn University and the University of South Alabama. He has a BS in
Business Administration with a concentration in Finance.
Ebb is married with two children, one attending Auburn University, the
other The University of Alabama.
Ebb has a passion for historical military preservation. He is committed
to maintaining USS Alabama Battleship Memorial Park to honor
Alabama veterans of all services who participated so valiantly in all
armed conflicts of the United States