Oct. 14, 21– Andrew Elliott / Director-Counsellor, Northern Ireland Bureau Washington, D.C.

Andrew Elliott
Director/Counsellor of the Northern Ireland Bureau Washington, DC
Andrew was appointed to his US Diplomatic Post in November 2019.
He joined the Northern Ireland Civil Service in 1988 and the Senior Civil Service in 2000.
His previous diplomatic post was as Head of the Office of the Northern Ireland Executive
in Brussels from 2015 until November 2019, where a major priority related to the
particular challenge of Brexit for the region of Northern Ireland.
From 2010 he was responsible for a programme of major reform to the delivery of EU
Common Agricultural Policy grants and subsidies to farmers in the Department of
Agriculture and Rural Development in Northern Ireland. As a result of this work, the
exposure of the Department to financial correction by the European Commission was
significantly reduced.
From 2005 until 2010, he was responsible for directing the development of population
health policy in Northern Ireland, including the introduction of legislation to ban
smoking in enclosed public spaces and the preparations for pandemic influenza.
From 2000 to 2004 he was Secretary to the Parades Commission with responsibility for
providing senior advice to the Commission on the discharge of its duties and powers in
relation to issues concerning human rights and the promotion of mediation and peacebuilding.
Andrew is married with two children.