Sept. 13, 2018–Van Simms, Chairman of the Board & Past President, Alabama Deep Sea Fishing Rodeo & Justin Thompson,

Van Sims – Bio
Van was raised in the small town of Jackson, AL and has resided in Mobile for over 15 years. Growing up in a rural community helped Van appreciate the outdoors and sparked his interest in conservation. Upon arriving in Mobile after college, he began his involvement with the Alabama Deep Sea Fishing Rodeo (ADSFR) and the Mobile Jaycees. Over the past 12 years, Van has served in numerous roles within the organization including Vice President of Finance, Vice President of Awards, Vice President of Technology, member of the Board of Directors, President of the 84th annual ADSFR in 2017, and is currently serving as Chairman of the Board of Directors of the 85th ADSFR. Van is committed to assisting the ADSFR in expanding its mission of conservation of the Gulf of Mexico fisheries.
Justin Thompson – Bio
Justin grew up in Mobile County and in the ADSFR. Justin’s grandfather served as Chairman of the Board in the 1950’s and his father, Joe Thompson, served as President of the 66th ADSFR (1998). After graduating from Auburn University, Justin moved back to Mobile County and became involved within the organization himself. He has served various roles as Vice President of Publicity, Vice President of Awards, Vice President of Weights and Measures, Jaycee Chapter Board member, and was recently selected to serve as President of the 86th ADSFR. Justin plays an integral part in the growth of the ADSFR and in aiding its legacy of conservation.