November 5, 2020–Jeremy Lami / Fire Chief, City of Mobile

Born in Mobile, Alabama, Chief Jeremy P. Lami began his professional career as a Combat Medic in the United States Army, where he served in Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom (2003-2004). A second-generation firefighter, Lami followed his father (Arther P. Lami, ret.), serving the City of Mobile and the Mobile Fire-Rescue Department since 2002. Earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management from Liberty University, a Master’s in Management (Global Business Management) from the University of Alabama, Chief Lami is an avid learner, striving for knowledge to grow as a competent leader.

Chief Lami started his career as a firefighter on a suppression unit and has progressed steadily through the ranks of the fire department. After completing the University of South Alabama’s Paramedic Program, Lami served as a Paramedic Firefighter on a frontline Rescue Truck, primarily providing emergency medical care to citizens in need.  Immediately following his promotion to the rank of Captain, Lami served on assignment to a suppression unit in downtown Mobile. He would later transition into the role of Training Captain with MFRD’s Training Academy. During his tenure as Training Captain, Lami would have the opportunity to leave a substantial imprint on the future of MFRD with each new firefighter recruit class under his tutelage.

Continuing his pursuit of knowledge, development, and upward mobility, Lami completed the National Fire Academy’s prestigious Executive Fire Officer Program (EFO). In 2016, he was promoted to District Chief, quickly being appointed to Chief of Staff under Fire Chief Mark Sealy in 2017.  As Chief of Staff, Chief Lami was responsible for overseeing the Department’s $40 million budget and providing leadership to the Logistics, Training, Communications, and Community Risk Reduction Divisions. 

An avid learner, Chief Lami strives for knowledge to grow as leader and adapt to the ever-changing demands on the fire service. Lami’s specialty training includes Hazardous Materials, Urban Search and Rescue (USAR), Marine Firefighter, Fire Inspector III, Fire Instructor II, Fire Officer IV, as well as being a nationally-registered Paramedic.  Although he has completed numerous certifications, he is best known for his passion, positivity, and commitment to the fire service and for building relationships with personnel.     

Chief Lami was unanimously selected by Mayor Sandy Stimpson and the Mobile City Council to serve the City of Mobile as Fire Chief, following the official retirement of his predecessor Chief Sealy. Chief Lami was sworn-in on August 29, 2020, officially appointing him as the 16th Fire Chief for the Mobile Fire-Rescue Department.