Nov. 5, 2015–Keri Coumanis / "Revolving Funds & Neighborhood Renewal"

Keri Renee Coumanis is currently employed as an Assistant City Attorney with the City of Mobile, Alabama. Keri began her career in historic preservation and obtained a Master’s Degree in preservation from the Tulane School of Architecture. Upon graduation in 2001, she worked for two preservation-oriented non-profits in New Orleans (Preservation Resource Center and Felicity Street Redevelopment), and, subsequently, for the Alabama Historical Commission, the State of Alabama historic preservation office. Recognizing the strong correlation between successful historic preservation efforts, land use regulations and public policy, Keri began law school at the University of Alabama. Upon graduation in 2008, she began her career with the City of Mobile. There, she advises on legal matters related to urban planning, historic preservation and neighborhood revitalization. Keri drafts ordinance changes or statutory amendments necessary to implement policies that alleviate blight and encourage neighborhood revitalization.
Additionally, Keri undertakes all legal work necessary to attain marketable and clear title for properties held in the City’s land bank, as well as manages the selection, acquisition and disposition of the properties. Keri has also served as a staff attorney for the Mobile Historic Development Commission, Mobile Tree Commission, Downtown Development District, Architectural Review Board and HUD entitlement programs. Keri is a member of the Mayor’s Innovation Team, a Bloomberg Philanthropy Project, and the Mayor’s Deepwater Horizon settlement advisory team.