Nov. 16, 2023–Steven Clarke / CEO, Sliver Ships, Inc.

During Clarke’s time as CFO, Silver Ships saw revenue increase more than 40%. Since 2015 Clarke has focused on diversification of the Silver Ships customer base. This includes segmenting the customer base from more than 80% military focused to a more even mix. The shipyard has expanded to include industries such as fire rescue and law enforcement.

Clarke began his career as a data analyst at the U.S. Department of Agriculture in North Carolina. He then became a financial analyst at West Coast-based Coast Crane Co., a subsidiary of Essex Rental Corp. In 2015, Clarke joined the Silver Ships as co-owner and CFO.

“Since joining the team in 2015, I have had a passion for working to create and refine our business processes and continue to vertically integrate our manufacturing. Through strategic hiring, employee development, marketing, and business development, we have invested in Silver Ships,” Clarke said in a statement. “This investment has had a direct impact to broaden our customer base and grow our revenues. I am honored to be able to serve as CEO, and eager to work alongside my team to meet our customer’s demanding missions, continue to innovate in our field and grow the profitability of Silver Ships.”