March 4, 21 – Shayla Jones Beaco / Executive Director, Build Mobile, City of Mobile

Shayla Beaco is Mobile’s Executive Director of Build Mobile, a new City department that lays
the initial foundation for the City to serve everyone who wants to do business, create jobs and
grow Mobile. As executive director of Build Mobile, she oversees planning and zoning,
historical development, long-range planning, urban design, inspecting and permitting. As the cochair of the Map for Mobile development process, and with a background in both planning and
community outreach, as well as her understanding of the vision set forth by the mayor for
Mobile’s future, she is working to provide continuity and further develop the City of Mobile’s
implementation strategies with the new comprehensive plan.
Beaco first stepped onto Mayor Sandy Stimpson’s executive team in 2013 as the Senior Director
of Community Affairs charged with public outreach and citizen engagement. In January 2016,
she was promoted to Senior Director of City Planning; and less than a year later, in October
2016, Mayor Stimpson recognized her abilities as a leader and promoted her to her current
position of Executive Director of Build Mobile.
Before coming to the City in 2013, she worked in the City of Mobile’s long-range planning
division where she coordinated the Mobile’s Smart Growth initiative and land-use planning
efforts. From there, she was hired by the City of Prichard as the director of community and
economic development, and later went on to work for the Mobile Area Chamber of Commerce
charged with long-range strategic planning efforts for the coastal Alabama region.
Shayla graduated from Spring Hill College in 1997 with a bachelor’s degree in political science
and from Auburn University with a master of community planning in 1999. She is married to
Rory Beaco, and they have two children.