June 7, 2018–Tommy Fulton / "Visions of Life from the Wheel of an Uber Driver"

Tommy Fulton is the Development Director for the Little Sisters of the Poor here in Mobile, Alabama. This full-time career is enough to keep anyone busy. However, it is his “part-time” venture that he will be discussing at this week’s Rotary meeting. During his spare time, Tommy drives for Uber. This venture has generated a fascinating view of humanity and has produced a multitude of stories, which he has regaled his table-mates at each weekly Rotary meeting. Several members have suggested that those stories be told en masse to the Rotary audience.
Tommy grew up in a family business, and led that business for more than three decades. His book on family business succession challenges was published in 2009 is titled, “An Act of Congress, the Real-Life Story of Power and Politics in Family Business.” His next book will utilize many of the fascinating stories he has shared with more than 4,500 Uber and Lyft riders in the last 16 months. Some are hilarious and others are moving. All of them give a unique view into the humanity of those who share the planet with all of us.
Throughout his life, Tommy has served on dozens of charitable, civic and professional boards and committees, as well as coaching 18 kid’s sports teams. He has traveled the country as a motivational speaker for the United States Jaycees, and has spoken professionally to dozens of groups. Even with all of that experience, Tommy has learned more than he ever expected from this venture into the ride-sharing industry.