July 29, 21–Francisco Codina/Former Executive, Ford Motor Co.

Francisco (Cisco) Codina emigrated to the United States from Cuba in 1965. The family moved to Tuscaloosa where his father practice medicine and where he attended school including the University of Alabama. While at the University, he met his wife Pam (from Mobile). They have to two grown children – Katherine and Pierce. Cisco first job out of college was with BLP Mobile Paints in Mobile and New Orleans. He joined Ford Motor Company in 1977 answering the phones in Customer Service in New Orleans. He built a successful 30 years career with Ford which included President of Ford Argentina, President and Corporate VP of Ford Parts and Service Division, and retiring as Group Vice President of Marketing, Sales and Service. Following his retirement from Ford, Cisco moved to Mobile but also went on to become a Senior Advisor and subsequently a partner to the 2nd largest tire and parts distributor in the country. Cisco has served in numerous boards and currently enjoys being part of the Distinguished Young Women Executive Board. He is fully retired and enjoys many hobbies.