Rob Hackbarth – June 18th, 2015

Rob Hackbarth is a professional speaker and author. His book, There are No Small Moments, is a collection of stories that will connect his readers to timeless success principles.  As CEO of Hackbarth Delivery Service, he led his company from a one vehicle startup to 26 locations across 10 southeastern states. He served 9 years on the CLDA board, promoting the transportation industry.   His work with non-profit organizations includes helping mentally challenged persons and promoting clean water.  In his spare time, he fishes and has fun with the Super Seven, his grandchildren.
His newest book, The BET, will be released later this year.
His Mondays are Great Newsletter is a weekly publication that is full of inspiration. It’s a great way to start your week.
His speaking topics include Leadership, Overcoming Adversity, Teamwork, Time Management and Positive Thinking.
He believes that a single moment in time may be the most important one in this week, month or year.  Live each moment expecting something great.
I was taught by my mom to always pick myself up when I was down. She remains my inspiration today. My dad taught me integrity in my first business venture, a paper route.  With family, I believe it is important to say I love you and to spend time with them
Personal Quotes: Mondays are great. There are no small moments. The second most important words to say in life are “I believe in you”.
Favorite Books:  Green Eggs and Ham, The Three Little Pigs.
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