Feb, 4, 2016–Mark Johnson

Our guest is Mark Johnson, former director of our United Way of Southwest Alabama. He has written a memoir about his role as a charity CEO who spends more than two decades in United Way, raising a career total of $100 million, and at age 50 chucks it all and becomes a street cop with the Mobile Police Department. It’s also the story of an adopted child who becomes a man in search of his birth parents, in order to discover and understand all that he is.
From the boardrooms of philanthropy to the gritty urban streets of today’s Deep South – a career change provoking every kind of reaction from family, friends and community. The memoir culminates in an armed confrontation with an escaped cop-killer. Apprehensions & Convictions is a story about second thoughts, second chances, and ultimately redemption. The book is currently available on Amazon.com and will also be available for purchase at the conclusion of Thursday’s program