Feb. 29, 2024–Arturo Castro-Guerra, President of the San Isidro Rotary Club in Peru

Arturo Castro-Guerra, a native of Lima – Peru, is a Piano Concertist, dedicated in his professional life to mastering different skills, such as playing various instruments and musical genres, and carrying out various tasks linked to art: teaching, promoter artistic, and talent development.


Arturo serves as the official Musical Ambassador of Peru. His service has given him the satisfaction of contributing to the promotion of the Peruvian musical and traditional repertoire in organized concert tours to Canada, the United States, Latin America, the Caribbean, Central America, the European Community , Switzerland, the United Kingdom and South East Asia, sponsored by the Embassies and Diplomatic and Consular Representations of Peru and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Arturo Castro-Guerra, also recognized for his humanistic character and his unfailing capacity for contribution, has led him to offer numerous charity concerts in various settings. Among those that stand out is the Concert at UNESCO headquarters in Paris, to benefit those affected by Hurricane Mitch in Central America; the Gala organized in the city of North Miami Beach at the Julius Littman Performing Arts Theater, to benefit those affected by the earthquake that devastated southern Peru; as well as the Concert organized by the Embassy of Peru in Washington DC at the Shriners Temple, to benefit burned children; and likewise the Concert offered at the National Museum of Archeology, Anthropology and History of Peru, to benefit those affected by the coastal Niño phenomenon.


A concrete projection of the support that pianist Arturo Castro-Guerra is committed to is carrying out activities to promote the talent of young talents, through the Foundation that bears his name. With the same vitality since its creation, it has developed presentations with international artists, such as the Polish pianist Katarzyna Borek, the Dutch Peruvian soprano Margarita Catalina Holguín, the national folklorist César Villalobos, the impulse of the young French accordionist Eva Martineau, the virtuoso soprano by coloratura Hatun Killa, the Choral and Instrumental Ensemble of the José de Oregon y Aparicio Peruvian School, and the revelation of the young Peruvian American singer Nicole Uceda.


Arturo Castro-Guerra, is a Paul Harris Fellow. He served as President of the District 4455 Rotary Pro-Peace Scholarship Committee and President of the Rotary Friendship Exchange Committee, in the period 2021–2022. He promoted and concluded the Twinning Agreements with the Jackson Heights Rotary Club of New York – District 7255, the Rotary Club Asunción Palma de Paraguay – District 4845, the Rotary Club of Fairhope – District 6880, the Rotary Club of Mobile – District 6880, the Rotary Club of Rio Branco New Generations of Brazil – District 4270, all of them with the Rotary Club of San Isidro. He is Advisor to the Rotary Youth Exchange Program in Peru.

Arturo Castro-Guerra, President of the Rotary Club of San Isidro-District 4455, for the period 2022-2023, qualified with the Excellence level by the District, and continues his presidency in the current period 2023-2024. Arturo declares: “I feel very honored to receive this important responsibility, which inspires us to cultivate the solid principles of friendship, to develop and achieve the noble tasks in our mission of service.”

Today Arturo is a candidate for District Governor for the period 2026-2027.


Within his hobbies, Arturo Castro-Guerra has a great passion for collecting beautiful classic American automobiles, and maintains a private collection of extraordinary models of the Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme brand.