Dec. 3, 2020–Cam Marston / Author, Generational Insights "COVID's Impact on Generational Insights"


Cam Marston

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Generational Insights – Covid’s Impact on Generational Trends


For twenty plus years Cam Marston has studied the trends shaping today’s workplace, workforce and marketplace. His studies identify the generational preferences of each of the generation in today’s workplace and marketplace and how to best engage them as employees and customers.

The author of four books, Cam’s expertise has brought him in front of audiences of many thousands to small board of director’s meetings. His ability to impart the generational preferences in relatable and often humorous ways earns him invitations to deliver his content over and over again.

Cam also has a radio broadcast on 106.5FM on Wednesday evenings at 6pm in his hometown of Mobile, Alabama that began as a podcast. Called “What’s Working with Cam Marston,” the show works to uncover the trends shaping businesses across the country. His guests are business owners discussing their challenges as well as business experts educating his audience today’s most salient trends. He also records commentaries for Alabama Public Radio that are broadcast state-wide twice a day on Fridays during drive time called “Keeping It Real” which are humorous observations of the world around him. His wife Lisa is the varsity volleyball coach at St Paul’s. They have four children.