Dec. 13, 2018–Raine Bedsole "Inspiration for the new Federal Courthouse Art"

Raine Bedsole
Thursday, December 13, 2018
Title: Inspiration for the New Federal Courthouse Art
In this week’s program, New Orleans-based artist, Raine Bedsole, will discuss public art in the context of the artworks created for the newly constructed Mobile Federal Courthouse. Stemming from her childhood in Mobile, nautical imagery and nature inspires her work, and her new sculpture, “Justitia”, named after the Roman goddess of law and order expresses the maritime nature of Mobile.
Born in Mobile, Alabama, Raine Bedsole is the daughter of Rotarians Ann Bedsole Holmes and the late Palmer Bedsole. She spent much of her childhood in coastal south Alabama and at her family’s farm on the Alabama River. These early experiences inspired a lifelong interest in nature’s forms and textures and continue to influence themes in her art. She received a Bachelor of Fine Art from Auburn University and a Masters of Fine Art from the San Francisco Art Institute, and moved to New Orleans twenty-eight years ago. Recent recognition includes feature footage of her work in the final two Twilight movies and grants for public art from the Joan Mitchell Foundation and the Jefferson Parish Public Art Initiative. Raine’s work is included in the collections of the New Orleans Museum of Art and the South Carolina Museum of Art, as well as many other public and private collections both nationally and internationally. She is represented by Callan Contemporary in New Orleans.