Dec. 1, 2016–David Bagwell

David Bagwell
David Bagwell is a retired lawyer who lives in Point Clear. He was President of our club almost a quarter century ago in 1992, was an assistant district governor, and is now a member of the Point Clear Rotary Club. Before he retired he was listed as a Super Lawyer in antitrust law and in what they named “Bet the Company Litigation”, but he would rather be remembered as a decent maritime lawyer, which people understand.
David is a graduate of Vanderbilt University where he and Win Hallett were fraternity brothers. He graduated in 1968, one of those years when the world fell apart. After college he travelled around the world for a year studying international business on a Corning Travelling Fellowship. He reports that all the Corning Fellows but him got rich in business.
David says that he did not learn much in kindergarten, but that in Army Boot Camp he learned everything he needed to know to be a lawyer: how to type and how to bayonet people.
David went to Alabama Law School where he was in the same class with Senator Jeff Sessions. David had a higher grade average than Sen. Sessions did, but Sen. Sessions climbed higher in the world than David did.
David and his wife have three adult children, and seven grandchildren. He likes to fish and shoot birds and read and visit grandchildren.