Aug. 4, 2022–Sarah Otts / Local Professional Artist “Light & Color”

Sarah Otts; A Creation Celebration


Sarah Otts, a native Mobilian and full time artist, works with the local scenery and wildlife found in and around Mobile Bay to create expressive and vibrant oil paintings. Her work represents the gifts of creation aiming to inspire perspective by encouraging others to look up to the beauty of the natural world. In 2007, Sarah graduated from Ole Miss with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with an emphasis in painting.  Her career,  however,  began before college as a freelance artist selling work as a teenager and throughout her college years. She then went on to sell work through galleries throughout the country until 2019 when she opened Sarah Otts Gallery in the Springhill area of Mobile which is now the sole representation of her art. Sarah and her team distribute fine art to clients around the US. In addition, the gallery carries the “Be a Bright Spot” campaign and products which Sarah created in an effort to encourage others to spread the “color and light” she works into her art.  Be all that you are and nothing you’re not. Be color. Be light. Be a bright spot.  In 2019, Sarah published her first book To Be a Line ; a children’s story about a personified line who learns of the whimsical possibilities that come from simply being himself. Currently, Sarah spends her work days making art in her Oakleigh studio known as The Garden, a conceptual nod to the hymn “In the Garden”. In addition to perpetually painting, Sarah plans to release a new book in November 2022.