Aug. 22, 2019–Tommy Fulton, Perspective on Diversity

Tommy Fulton is the Development Director for the Little Sisters of the Poor here in Mobile, Alabama. He has been a member of the Rotary Club of Mobile since 2015. He has spoken to this club several times on such topics as Volunteerism, Living the Stories of Your Life and The View of Life from an Uber Driver’s Perspective.
Tommy has served on many boards and civic committees throughout his life, including the Mobile and Alabama Jaycees, the Mobile Area Chamber of Commerce, Leadership Mobile, YMCA’s of South Alabama, Home of Grace for Women and the Mobile Bay National Estuary Program, to name a few. He has also served as Governmental Affairs Chairman for the Mobile County Board of Realtors, the American Warehouseman’s Association and the International Warehouse Logistics Association.
None of this qualifies Tommy as an expert on climbing Mt. Everest, or winning an Olympic Gold Medal, so he chose instead to speak about “Diversity in Today’s World!” Makes sense, right? Please come listen to a politically incorrect discourse, but be sure to bring a sense of humor…we need that nowadays!