Aug. 20, 2015–Phil Savage Executive Director, Senior Bowl

Executive Director, Senior Bowl
Named Executive Director of the Reese’s Senior Bowl in June of 2012, Phil is a native Mobilian and returned to the Port City after spending 20 years in the National Football League as a coach, scout, personnel director and general manager.
Phil’s “football life” began as a 6-year old quarterback for the Mims Park Redskins, continued at Murphy High School and progressed to the University of the South in Sewanee, Tennessee, where he played football and baseball. Following his graduation in 1987 with a degree in English, his career has included jobs in virtually every aspect of the game. From coaching offense and defense to scouting over 6,000 potential NFL draft picks and now to his latest ventures in the media, he has an all-encompassing perspective of both college and professional football.
Football Timeline:
• 1987-89 University of Alabama, Graduate Assistant/Tight Ends Coach
• 1990 UCLA, Graduate Assistant/Tight Ends Coach
• 1991-93 Cleveland Browns, Defensive Assistant/Defensive Backs
• 1994-95 Cleveland Browns, Area and National Scout
• 1996-02 Baltimore Ravens, Director of College Scouting
• 2003-04 Baltimore Ravens, Director of Player Personnel
• 2005-08 Cleveland Browns, Senior VP and General Manager
• 2010-12 Philadelphia Eagles, Player Personnel Executive
• 2013-present Reese’s Senior Bowl, Executive Director
Media Opportunities:
• 2009-present Crimson Tide Sports Network, Radio Color Analyst
• 2013-present ESPN, “The NFL Insiders”, Contributor and On-Air Talent
• 2013-present SiriusXM Radio, College Sports Nation and NFL Analyst
“I have been fortunate to have worked with some of the best and brightest people in football. To have been exposed to coach Homer Smith for offense, Bill Belichick and Nick Saban for defense, Ozzie Newsome for player personnel and Eli Gold for broadcasting, I have been influenced by people at the very top of the sport. And tonight, with that knowledge as a backdrop, I’m looking forward to giving the kind of insight that will help you enjoy football even more. Thanks for being here.” –
Twitter: @SeniorBowlPhil
X’s and O’s
During this “quarter”, Phil is going to cover essential football terminology, explain offensive and defensive strategies and, through the use of videotape, give an overall tutorial on how to watch the game.
I. Basic Concepts of Football
A. Offensive Personnel Groupings and Formations
1. Regular = “21” 2RB/1TE/3WR (1st and 2nd Downs)
2. Silver = “12” 1RB/2TE/2WR (1st and 2nd Downs)
3. Blue = “11” 1RB/1TE/3WR (3rd Downs/Sub)
4. Red = “10” 1RB/0TE/4WR (3rd Downs/Sub)
5. Black = “23” 2RB/3TE (Short Yardage/GL)
B. Defensive Structures and Alignments
1. Base Even = “4-3” 4DL/3LB/4DB (1st and 2nd Downs)
2. Base Odd = “3-4” 3DL/4LB/4DB (1st and 2nd Downs)
3. Nickel = “4-2” 4DL/2LB/5DB (3rd Downs/Sub)
4. Dime = “4-1” 4DL/1LB/6DB (3rd Downs/Sub)
5. Hippo = “5-3” 5DL/3LB/3DB (Short Yardage/GL)
II. Videotape Review
A. Position Breakdown
B. Down/Distance
C. Personnel and Formations vs. Structures and Alignments
D. Run Plays
E. Pass Plays
F. Coverages
G. Pressures/Blitzes
Introduction (6:15)
1. Welcome to the 1st Annual Girls of Fall/so pleased
-history/idea/added features/name/future
2. Poll: college/NFL fans, husband/boyfriend are fans,
son/husband/nephew playing football
3. Quick overview of Quarters (X’s and O’s, Officiating, Tailgating/Food Ideas, Fashion)
-David Smith, Panini Pete Blohme and PS
-air horn signals 2-minute warning and end of QTR
-10-minute break between QTR’s (rotate 3x/4th Fashion)
-Girls of Fall t-shirts available for $15
4. Cannot start game without National anthem (Dorothy Savage)
5. Thanks to and Press-Register for co-sponsoring this event
6. Get you ready with Snap Count drill
Pre-Fashion Show (8:00pm)
1. Covered classroom and the kitchen, now your closet!
2. Before we turn the program over to Lenise Ligon/Fox10 and begin the Fashion Show
3. Few comments about your role as a woman re: football
-not an easy game: PT, inj, losses, dedication of time/energy
-although you may never throw a pass or make a tackle, a very important role to play…BE THERE!
-CS: practices/Elvis, injuries/HS and college, crushing moments to SB35 win…always there!
-HS: Bible verse when needed most/Rom 8:28…was there!
-DTS: being hired as a GM at 39 and fired 4 years later, the emotional ups and downs of winning/losing in the NFL, getting the ‘Bama radio job and celebrating as much or more than the subsequent 3 BCS titles
-my point is that whether it’s your own husband, son, grandson, nephew or neighborhood kid, you might be the only encourager he is ever going to get
-DEPENDABILITY and RELIABILITY mean much more than pure ABILITY alone…will YOU be there?
4. “Boys of Fall”, here to sing our own rendition and dedicated to you, the “Girls of Fall”, Mr. Brad Hill
Post-Fashion Show (for LL)
1. Thank you so much for being here, see you in 2014!
2. Vendor booths will remain open
3. Overtime Q&A in segment rooms
-30-minute window for pre-game time
-signs for kickoff/start
-colored signs will move to rooms
-4 groups/rotate through 3 rooms and vendors
-move kickoff/fashion show to main ballroom (or extend room)
-earlier date?
-T-shirts: pink/black (order earlier)
-fashion show: more football-oriented and shorter
-another venue: (Birmingham)
-sponsors: Regions Bank, Red Diamond, Blue Rents
-other ideas: Sarah Thomas, equipment/apparel, walk-thru,
more interactive, etc