Apr. 7, 2016–Andrew Saunders / Mobile Botanical Gardens

Introducing Andrew Saunders to the Downtown Rotary Club
Andrew Saunders is Chairman of the Executive Committee of Mobile Botanical Gardens. Previously he served as President of the Gardens.
Andrew and his wife, Carolyn, recently deceased, have been active participants in the growth and development of Mobile Botanical Gardens for many years as board members, officers, and underwriters.
Andrew was CEO of the Saunders family enterprises in the marine service industry throughout the Gulf region for his entire career. He was also active in the leadership of several civic and industry organizations including the Mobile Area Chamber of Commerce–Chairman, The Nature Conservancy of Alabama–Chairman, The Seamen’s Foundation—Chairman; The Tennessee Tombigbee Waterway Association—Vice-chairman; The American Boatbuilders Association—Vice-chairman; GulfQuest—Executive Committee member.
Under Andrew’s leadership, the Saunders Companies supported the communities in which they operated, particularly Mobile, which was headquarters.