Apr. 6, 2017–Dr. Terry Ellis Author, Professional Interventionist & Speaker

Dr. Terry Ellis served as pastor of six churches in his 34-year career. He holds a doctorate in Greek, a Masters in biblical studies, and a B.A. in Psychology. He has authored numerous commentaries and articles on biblical and spiritual topics. GraceWaves, the title of his recent book and his weekly blog, is widely read and distributed.
And he nearly lost his life to alcoholism.
For more than three decades Dr. Ellis has stepped into the chaos of people’s lives to bring direction and peace. Through addiction he entered his own chaos. His recovery began when someone said “we need to get you well.” After treatment for alcoholism he returned to the pastorate but soon felt led to devote his life to helping alcoholics/addicts and their families find hope and peace. Today he is a professional, certified interventionist, speaks in churches and civic organizations on the topics of addiction and recovery, and works with treatment facilities on the spiritual component of recovery. His goal is to help people and their families escape the shadows of addiction, and help a wider audience understand addiction and the hope of recovery.