Apr. 13, 2017–Aaron Beam Former Chief Financial Officer of Health South

Aaron Beam
Aaron Beam was a founder and the first Chief Financial Officer of Healthsouth from 1984 until 1997. Today he lives in Loxley, Alabama with his wife of 45 years, Phyllis. In 1996 he took part in the accounting fraud at Healthsouth. In 2003 he pled guilty to the fraud and spent time in a federal prison for his crime.
He began his public speaking career in 2009 and as of January 2017 has spoken to over 325 different groups. These include universities, associations, companies and civic groups. His primary message is about corporate fraud: Who is actually responsible for these frauds, how they take place, and what can be done to prevent frauds such as Enron and Healthsouth.
Mr. Beam is also an author. His first book “Healthsoth:The Wagon to Disaster” was published in 2009. His second book was published in January 2015 and is titled “Ethics Playbook:Winning Ethically in Business”