Apr. 11, 2024–Tamara Weinert / President & CEO, BA America at Outokumpu

Speaker: Tamara Weinert

Title: President & CEO – Outokumpu Business Area Americas

 Tamara Weinert is currently President and CEO of Outokumpu’s Business Area Americas. Under her leadership BA Americas has seen consistent operational improvement and positive results. Before joining BA Americas, she was a Senior Vice President for Sales for Outokumpu, after serving as the European CFO from 2013 to 2016. Outokumpu is one of the largest stainless steel producers in the world and a listed company headquartered in Helsinki.

During her career she was based in Germany, India, Singapore, Russia, Pakistan, The Netherlands and Finland.

Tamara holds a master’s degree in finance from Manchester Business School and an MSc in Protected Landscape Management from University of Greenwich.