6-9-22 Sandy Stimpson / Mayor, City of Mobile

Mayor Stimpson Bio
The City of Mobile’s 108th mayor, Sandy Stimpson has a bold mission to create One Mobile – a safer,
more business and family friendly city.
Driven by a desire to affect positive change in the life of each citizen, Mayor Stimpson has proven that
the greatest level of success is achieved when everyone has a seat at the table. Stimpson’s four decades
of experience in the private sector and extensive community service provide a solid foundation for the
type of practical change he has generated in just eight years in office. Mayor Stimpson has ushered in a
new culture at City Hall, emphasizing a commitment to transparency, effectiveness and efficiency.
Since assuming office in 2013, Mayor Stimpson’s tenure has been marked by major achievements that
stand to make a lasting impact for all citizens. Stimpson and his team have executed such transformative
initiatives as Map for Mobile, an unprecedented increase in the delivery of infrastructure improvements,
and the city’s first supplier diversity program.
Mayor Stimpson’s leadership has led to unparalleled reform of city finances. Stimpson and his team built
upon responsible fiscal stewardship to put the city on sound financial footing, reducing bonded
indebtedness by nearly $100 million, and unfunded liabilities for pension and benefits by $200 million,
leading to credit rating increases from both Moody’s and S&P. During the same period, he has built and
maintained a two-month rainy day reserve fund and awarded six raises for city employees.
Successfully campaigning for a third term under the slogan, “Not Done yet”, Mayor Stimpson was reelected in August 2021. He and his team will focus on projects which will ultimately bring generational
transformation to the City of Mobile.
A graduate from the University of Alabama in 1975 with a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering,
Stimpson began a nearly 40-year career in his family’s lumber manufacturing business. Starting at an
early age, he worked his way up through virtually every position in the family business including serving
as its CFO and ultimately it’s Executive Vice President.
Mayor Stimpson and his wife Jean have been married since 1975 and have four grown, married children
and 14 grandchildren. They are longtime, active members of Ashland Place United Methodist Church.