October 15, 2015

Minutes of the October 15, 2016
Meeting of
The Rotary Club of Mobile
Call to Order: The meeting was called to order by Les Greer at 12:15 in Robby McClure’s absence. Chip Hale offered the invocation and Gordon Korb led the club in song, accompanied by Bill Oppenheimer on the piano. Tom Martenstein welcomed a visiting Rotarian and several guests of members.
Student Guest: Saty Putcha introduced Tyler Lott, the 2016 valedictorian of Bryant High School who discussed the benefits he has received from serving others.
Announcements: Les said a board meeting will follow the October 22 meeting.
Program: Danny White of Team Focus
Rob Hackbarth introduced Danny White, the Regional Director of Team Focus, a mentoring program seeking to assist young men aged 10-18 who are growing up in homes without a father or any positive male influence.
Mr. White said that the program was started in Mobile by former coach Mike Gottfried who was inspired by memories of his childhood without a father around. The program’s success has led to its duplication in cities stretching to California –although currently only six are in full force. Mentors are drawn from volunteers who go through background checks before being admitted.
One aspect of Team Focus is a summer camp which is conducted at either Spring Hill College or the University of Mobile. The participants stay in dormitories over a three day period and are taught various subjects in classroom settings, meet in groups and exercise. He said that all of the local colleges and universities have been generous about letting the young men meet their athletes.
White said that the young men who go through this program are assisted in making important decisions about their futures with a goal of becoming productive members of our community. He said that it is most successful when there is a strong female who is reinforcing the program in the participant’s home.
After answering a number of questions from the audience, Les thanked Mr. White and presented him a certificate noting that in his honor a contribution had been made to the Girl Scouts of South Alabama. The meeting adjourned at 12:55 PM.
(For further information about Team Focus see www.teamfocususa.org)
Tom McGehee