Oct. 26, 2017

Rotary Club of Mobile
Minutes for 26 October 2017
Greeting: President John Dukes
Invocation: Bill Oppenheimer at the piano.
Song, Music, & Pledge: The song was led by Larry Sindel
Student Guest: The student guest scheduled for the day was unable to attend and will be scheduled at a later date.
Announcements: The Rotary Children’s Foundation Board will meet in the Ashland Suite immediately following the lunch meeting.
Program: Ms. Webb provided a background for her interest and the focus of her book, Mobile under Siege. She explained that the work began as effort to better know the city which she was born and returned home to live her life. Ms. Webb then proceeded to read aloud the introduction to the book. Interspersed within the recital were observations extending beyond the pertinent portion of the text. The authoress noted the richness of the Historic Mobile Preservation Society’s (HMPS) Minnie Mitchell Archives. She drew attention to the quality and quantity of firsthand accounts never before published prior to her book. Ms. Moore explained that Mobile under Siege was not a work on soldiers and battle, but accounts of everyday people living in Mobile. Before opening the arena for discussion, she concluded by saying that her next work would be on Mme. Octavia Walton Levert. Several questions ensued.
The meeting was adjourned at 1:00 p.m.