Oct. 20, 2016

Rotary Club of Mobile
Invocation: Tommy Blankenship led the song and pledge with Bill Openheimer accompanying at the piano.
Announcements: Sam Adams of the Rotary Club of Montgomery spoke on the behalf of the District Governor. Mr. Adams thanked the membership of the Rotary Club of Mobile for all their hard work, especially efforts and contributions toward the annual fund. Before leaving the podium, he gave jokes for the amusement of those assembled.
Program: Mr. Hoffman spoke on the subject of inspiration. He opened by allowing that he would be channeling the broad topic into the revitalizing landscape of downtown Mobile. Mr. Hoffman thanked all assembled for their diverse efforts toward fueling the downtown renaissance. He proceeded to a reference to and a quote by musician and Nobel Prize winner Bob Dillon as vehicle showing that inspiration comes from many places and takes many forms. Mr. Hoffman stated that his family and the Mobile region have served him as a source for inspiration. Recalling a visit earlier in life with writer and Holocaust survivor Elie Weisel, he recalled asking Mr. Weisel how he could write if he had not suffered to the extent of other great writers such as Weisel himself. Mr. Hoffman recounted that Mr. Weisel that being grateful for what you is inspiration. The speaker proceeded to read provide the background behind some his published works. Several selections were read, notably from Come Landfall, Chicken Counting Corn, and Almost Family. Mr. Hoffman recited and paraphrased on inspiration from such noted literary figures as Maya Angelou and Truman Capote. He concluded his talk by way of an amusing account of his meeting with author Harper Lee.