Nov. 11, 21

Minutes of the November 11, 2021 Meeting

The Rotary Club of Mobile


Call to Order:  The meeting was called to order by President Elizabeth Stevens, at 12:15 PM.  Eddie Brister came forward to offer the invocation.  Larry Sindel led the group in the Pledge of Allegiance and song accompanied by Bill Oppenheimer on the piano.  Danny Patterson then introduced guests of members and visiting Rotarians.


Announcements – Elizabeth announced:

  • Please keep Tommy Blankenship in your thoughts and prayers as he recovers from his recent surgery. His recovery is going well we are told.
  • There will be a board meeting following the regular meeting on November 18th.


Veterans Day Recognition


In honor of Veterans Day the Moonlight Ballroom was lit in red, white and blue and Garrett Powe read the names of members who are veterans and their branch of service as Bill Oppenheimer played the official theme of each of those branches on the piano.


New Members


Frank Harkins introduced Mia Thomson who is an Inspection Services Rep for VSC Fire and Security.  Elizabeth Stevens then introduced Andrew Levert, a member of the Bender Real Estate Group.


Vote on Bylaw Change


Frank Harkins presented a proposed change in the club’s by-laws regarding finances which had been published in the last bulletin.  After confirming a quorum was in attendance in person and via proxy, it was moved and seconded to accept the new amendment.  The club voted unanimously for the change and the bylaws will be changed accordingly.


PROGRAM:  Veterans Day Message


Suntrease Williams-Maynard introduced Colonel Anthony Sampson of the United States Army Reserve whom she described as her personal mentor and “a man of impeccable character.”


Colonel Sampson reflected on his 30 years of service as his mandatory retirement approaches.  He said that Bob Callahan of the Fairhope Rotary Club has been his mentor and that he believes in the Rotary Three Way Test.


Although not in combat, his role in the Medical Support Unit was largely behind the scenes.  His unit’s goal was to make sure that soldiers who were in battle were “made whole upon release.”


After 30 years, Colonel Sampson said he had learned to “walk the line” and respect rules and standards as he followed legal, ethical, and moral orders.    He said that although an individual may not have served in the military they do have the opportunity to show support for veterans.


After responding to questions, Elizabeth Stevens thanked Colonel Sampson for speaking to the club and presented him with a certificate noting that in his honor a donation has been made to provide a scholarship for one year for a student to attend the Chamber Strings Program of the Mobile Symphony.


The meeting adjourned at 1:00 PM.


Tom McGehee