May 16, 2019

Minutes of the May 16, 2019 Meeting
The Rotary Club of Mobile
Call to Order: The meeting was called to order by Ernest Ladd at 12:15 PM. Aimee Risser offered the invocation. Tommy Blankenship led the club in song and the Pledge of Allegiance. Tommy also welcomed members’ guests and visiting Rotarians.
• Ernest announced there would be a Board meeting immediately following the regular meeting today in the Ashland Suite.
• Ernest thanked Garrett Williamson for organizing the Rotary social at Chuck’s last night. Attendance was good.
• Ernest announced that we now have a credit card payment system in place. Email Peggy for invoice with the proper card link.
Helene Hassell introduced our newest member Sterling Boykin.
District Governor Sam Adams presented Frank Harkins with the J. Barton Greer, Jr. award. DG Adams also presented a plaque to Ken Robinson for his service as a Lieutenant Governor.
Program:Dr. Lee Smee/Chair of University Programs and Senior Marine Scientist at the Dauphin Island Sea Lab
Dr. Smee presented an interesting talk about the sea lab and the many programs there. They were formed in 1971 by the Alabama legislature to provide marine science programs for many of the state’s colleges and universities. Today, 23 member institutions partner with the Dauphin Island Sea Lab to provide studies to undergraduate and graduate students. Since 1971, the DISL mission has expanded to include K-12 education, professional development, and a public aquarium. He reminded us that the ocean significantly effects weather and climate, and produces greater than 50% of oxygen. Oceans are the primary food source for 3.5billion people. Marine plants and animals are an important source for drug discovery.
Dr. Smee went on to describe the degradation of oyster reef systems globally. In fact, some 85% of oyster reefs have been lost worldwide. A supplemental source of oysters is commercial farming, which Dr. Smee seemed to be in favor of. He also thinks the farming is going well and is effective.
The Dauphin Island Sea Lab Foundation supports the Dauphin Island Sea Lab in its mission, “to provide wise stewardship of the marine environment through education and research”. The Foundation provides funds to sustain the activities and programs of the Dauphin Island Sea Lab.
Ernest Ladd thanked the speaker for his informative update on the Sea Lab and noted that in his honor a donation has been made to the Rotary Children’s Foundation.
The meeting adjourned at 12:55 PM.
Rob Diehl