June 28, 2018

Minutes of the June 28, 2018 Meeting
The Rotary Club of Mobile
Call to Order: The meeting was called to order by John Dukes at 12:15 PM. John Pisarkiewicz offered the invocation. John Smith led the club in song and the Pledge of Allegiance. Jeff Zoghby welcomed members’ guests and visiting Rotarians.
• John Dukes announced that the Board meeting is to be held today in the Ashland Suite
• John Dukes reminded us of the passing of the gavel ceremony on July 12
• John Dukes reminded everyone of the annual roster and requested anyone who would like to supply a new photo and add/correct any personal info to please do so asap.
• There will be no meeting on July 4
• The annual tarpon tournament will be July 28. Ernest Ladd is leading the effort for our club. The captain’s meeting will be at Ruth’s Chris on July 26 in place of our regular meeting. More info to follow.
Program: Distinguished Young Women
Rob Diehl introduced Kendra Haskins, Executive Director.
Distinguished Young Women, formerly America’s Junior Miss, was founded in 1958 as a way to reward the accomplishments of high school senior girls seeking to pursue higher education. Visionaries quickly saw the need to recognize outstanding young women from all across the country and what we now know as Distinguished Young Women was born.
While modest in its beginnings, Distinguished Young Women grew and remains today the largest and oldest scholarship program of its kind for high school girls. With scholarship, leadership and talent as its overarching theme, Distinguished Young Women has drawn over 765,000 young women to compete in the program at the local, state and national level and $106 million in cash scholarships has been awarded to deserving young women. On her way to being named the Distinguished Young Woman of America for 2017, Skye Bork, earned over $38,000 through her participation in the state and national programs.
For the Class of 2018, more than 100 colleges and universities have made available over $1 billion dollars in college-granted scholarships to nearly 3,000 participants in more than 415 local and state programs. With the completion of the 61st National Finals, more than $2.1 million in cash scholarships will have been earned by those young women. Thanks to the dedicated perseverance of thousands of volunteers across the country who devote countless hours and resources to ensure the success of this program, these young women have all been afforded the opportunity to achieve!
John Dukes thanked the DYW ladies for their encouraging remarks and entertainment and noted that in their honor a donation has been made to the Rotary Children’s Foundation. John reported that our club has donated approximately $12,000 to the Foundation this year.
The meeting adjourned at 1:47 PM.
Rob Diehl