June 18, 2015

Minutes of the Rotary Meeting
June 18 2015
By Erin Kinney
Call to Order:  The meeting was called to order by club president Ken Robinson at 12:15 p.m.   Jeff Luther offered the invocation followed by the song led by Tom Martenstein accompanied by Les Greer on the piano.  Tom Martenstein welcomed visiting Rotarians and members’ guests.
Student Guest: John Dukes presented the first of two 2015-2016 Rotary Scholarship Award Winners to Daly Wettermark of St Paul’s High School for $4,000. She will be attending MIT to pursue her engineering degree.
New Members: The club welcomed 25 year Rotarian Rod Koberg, as well as Richard Sullivan.
Announcements:  There was a board meeting after the meeting. The Tarpon Tournament is set for Aug 1st with the captains’ reception on July 30th at Ruth’s Chris.  Bob Chappelle presented both William Oppenheimer and Robinson McClure of the Rotary Centennial Committee co-Rotarians of the year with a speech inspired by the Comic Cowboys.
Program:  The day’s program was fellow member Rob Hackbarth, who was introduced by Tommy Fulton.  Rob is the owner of Hackbarth Delivery, and Mondays Are Great mondaysaregreat.com  His first book is titled “There Are No Small Moments” and his second book will be published soon is called “The BET”
Mr. Hackbarth’s mission is to help individuals and organizations to succeed by implementing best practices based on timely principles.  Success is being and becoming the best at what you are meant to be and do in life.  BET=belief enthusiasm team.  Mr. Hackbarth handed out cards that had space to fill out a success tip, and a goal target date, which is either the due date or a reminder to review the goal.
Rob told a story about when he was a child about The Game. There was a newspaper article about a local kid who pitched a no hit shutout, and he was encouraged by his friend to do the same at their next Little League game.   This gave him a goal and motivation to do his very best.  He was an anxious 10 yr. old, trying to pitch a perfect game when he walked a batter, thereby ruining the perfect game, but keeping the no-hit shutout in place.  The next batter popped the ball up to the center fielder who caught the ball and threw it to 2nd base for a fielder’s choice.  Rob thought he gave up a hit, but team encouraged him. When the game ended, and the shut out remained, the team congratulated him.  However, the center fielder didn’t receive or want attention.  He was content to stay in the background.  10 years later, Rob was reading success theory books, especially Napoleon Hill, and he remembered that game and came up with BET:

  1. Belief—the second most powerful words we will ever say to another person is “I believe in you”. No doubts. Parents, teachers, etc. Faith, belief, enthusiasm, incentive passion


  1. Enthusiasm for a goal.


  1. Team—those around you who encourage you.

To get a center fielder, you must first BE a center fielder.  Figure out the best practices based on BET that work for you.  BET on the club, BET on each member, BET on your team.
Adjournment:  President Robinson adjourned the meeting at 1:00 PM.