July 9, 2015

Minutes of the July 9, 2015 Meeting
Rotary Club of Mobile
Passing the Gavel Ceremony
Call to Order:  Ken Robinson called the meeting to order at 12:15 and asked those present to stand and observe a moment of silence in remembrance of past president Bill Goodloe who died earlier this week.  Bill Kinnaird then came forward to offer an invocation and afterwards Gordon Korb led the group in the song and pledge, accompanied by Les Greer on the piano.  Tom Martenstein welcomed members’ guests and visiting Rotarians.
Special Announcement:  Ken Robinson announced that our former president, John Rogers, is headed home from M.D.  Anderson and offered a special prayer for him and his family as well as any of our members who may be ill.
New Members:  Possibly a record number of new members joined the club at one time today.  John Pisarkiewicz was introduced by Earl Jackson.  Melanie Susman and David Walker were introduced by Les Greer.  Finally, Michael Chambers presented Julee Waldrop, Ph.D.  and her husband, Tony Waldrop, Ph.D. as our club’s newest members.
Paul Harris FellowsGordon Korb and Tom Van Antwerp were recognized as new Paul Harris Fellows with Edward Ladd inducted as a Paul Harris Fellow +2 and Steve Dill a Paul Harris Fellow +4.
Ken Robinson:  A year in Review
Outgoing president Ken Robinson reminisced on his year as club president which included the wonderful events surrounding the centennial with its gala and charitable gifts allowing a new playground at Augusta Evans, a display at the new Gulfquest and a planned Rotary labyrinth at the Mobile Infirmary.  He spoke of the 100 gifts to 100 Charities which gave $100 donations to charitable entities in our area as well as our club’s spearheading the new literacy project with nine small lending libraries now in place in area schools.
Behind the scenes a new website is in place and an upgraded accounting system was installed.  As of June 1 a Touchpoints program was inaugurated with the hope it will allow newer members to become more involved with the club and its projects.  The CART project with donations collected to help in Alzheimer’s research has now become a monthly event and over $28,000 was given by our members to the Rotary Foundation – or over $100 per member.
Ken noted that the club is in good financial health and concluded by thanking club members for a successful year.  Ken received a standing ovation from the members.
Passing of the Gavel:  The gavel was passed from the earliest past president (Russell Ladd – 1970-71) to Ken Robinson who passed it to incoming president, Robison C. McClure, Jr who stressed the need for new members and made the following announcements:

  • A party honoring incoming District Governor Michael Chambers will take place next week at the Athelstan Club. Invitations have been emailed and it is mandatory that those wishing to attend respond no later than Friday, July 10.
  • A board meeting will be held following the meeting next week on July 16.
  • Introduced Frank Harkins who announced that July 28 will be Rotary Appreciation Day at Camp ASCCA. He encouraged participation by members and asked that he be called for directions and possible transportation to the event.  He reminded members that our club covers the cost of 100 participating campers annually.
  • Rob Hackbarth then reminded the members that this is the week we take up CART contributions to assist in the research of Alzheimer’s.

Adjournment:  The meeting was adjourned at 12:55 P.M. by president McClure.
Tom McGehee