January 14, 2016

Todd Greer holds the title as the Chief Catalyst for The Exchange 202 facility in downtown Mobile. Mobile’s first true “co-working” shared space developed with the impetus from John Peebles and Allan Cameron. The facility at 202 Government Street opened officially on October 5, 2015.
Todd explained, “Because of today’s technology, more and more workplaces have evolved into sharing centers.” Since, in many cases, we can work from virtually anywhere, we’ve lost the ability to converse on a personal level with others. Innovative ideas come often from bouncing ideas off of other people.
According to Mr. Greer, by 2020 nearly 60 million people will be freelancers, consultants and other “contingent workers.” Even though technology has made us the most connected society ever, we remain the most disconnected because of the lack of real community. In what may be one of the most intriguing aspects of this new system, community takes place among what may seem to be totally different businesses.
What makes this so interesting is that Exchange 202 can accommodate all types of needs, from the one-person entrepreneur, to the not-so-small business requiring meeting space and individual offices. There is a price level that fits most any need for today’s entrepreneur. As Todd mentioned, the world of coffee and community now exists alongside the world of technology.