Dec. 9, 21

Minutes of the December 9, 2021 Meeting

The Rotary Club of Mobile


Call to Order:  The meeting was called to order by President Elizabeth Stevens, at 12:15 PM.  Kellie Hope came forward to offer the invocation.  Larry Sindel led the group in song and the Pledge of Allegiance.  Danny Patterson welcomed a visiting Rotarian.


Student Guest:  Julie Otts introduced Baker High School Senior Andrew Kent who plans to study to be a pharmacist.  He spoke of the effect of his grandfather on him, who never slowed in service despite a fatal cancer diagnosis.


New Member: Bob Chappelle introduced our newest Rotarian.  Michael Galvin is a Senior Vice President at the Chamber where he is in charge of Member Engagement.


Announcements – Elizabeth announced:

  • Club elections will take place next week.
  • Our members celebrating birthdays.



Program:  Rendi Murphree, Ph.D., M.S.  – Disease Prevention


The subject of this week’s meeting was the Mobile County Health Department and its role in controlling infectious diseases.  Dr. Murphree said that there are three levels of the reporting of disease – those to be reported in either 4 hours (such as Anthrax, the Plague, a terrorist related outbreak), 24 hours (cholera, diphtheria, ecoli or measles) or 5 days (Malaria, mumps, venereal diseases, lime disease or West Nile.)  A questionnaire is then given to the patient who has been reported to them by their physician.  The team of investigators has jumped considerably from the original band of 6.


Dr. Murpree discussed Covid and said that the department is holding several off-site vaccination clinics to reach Mobile county residents.  A clinic is also operating at the former Festival Center on Montlimar Drive. She reported that 85% of Mobile’s most vulnerable have received the vaccination and a good percentage of adolescents have also gotten theirs.


When asked about the tremendous drop in the cases of regular flu last year she attributed it to the wearing of masks, social distancing and better hygiene during the Covid’s worst period.


Dr. Murphree said that venereal diseases were particularly dangerous to infants born of mothers infected with syphilis.  She said all pregnant women should be tested for VD even if they claim they have been monogamous.  Beyond that she declared the best defense was CONDOMS, CONDOMS, CONDOMS and asked our Student of the Week to spread the word among his schoolmates.


She also mentioned TB and said that although it is rare it does occur and that the best place to be treated is your local health department.  Dr. Murphree spoke from experience since that is exactly where she went after she caught it from an elephant.

After answering a number of questions. Elizabeth thanked Dr. Murphree and presented her with a certificate noting that in her honor a donation has been made to the History Museum of Mobile.  The meeting adjourned at 1:05 PM.


Tom McGehee