Aug. 4, 2016

June 30, 2016 Minutes
Submitted by Tommy Fulton, Contributing Editor
Call to Order: The meeting was called to order by Ernest Ladd, Jr. Kate Carver gave the invocation, followed by Tommy Blankenship, who led us in song, accompanied by Bill Oppenheimer at the piano. Tommy Blankenship introduced our guests along with visiting Rotarians.
New Members: Rick Harvey introduced Russell Schmitz as a new member.
Announcements: The new rosters are ready. Peggy Bugg has them at the table. Ernest Ladd, Jr. gave a recap of the Tarpon Tournament.
Program: Matt Head introduced our speaker, Johnny Gwin, with Deep Fried Studios. His topic was “What the Heck is Podcasting?”
Mr. Gwin described podcasting as “on-demand radio.” It provides better targeting through narrow-casting, rather than the more familiar broadcasting methods. Gwin said that podcasting is to radio as blogs are to journalism and news. Podcasters endeavor to be storytellers through audio, so that the listeners use their own “video” in their own minds. He believes this medium is more authentic and personal than other means of communication.
According to Mr. Gwin, the average age of a podcast listener is 30 years old, as compared to 45 for AM/FM and 57 for broadcast TV. This medium is great for Corporate or Personal branding. One of his more popular offerings is called “Pulpit to Pew”, which allows the minister to delve in a little deeper to her weekly message.
Our speaker gave 5 steps to creating an effective podcast.
1) Have a great idea;
2) Buy a good quality microphone;
3) Find a good editor-or edit yourself;
4) Stay consistent-Plan & Schedule;
5) Learn Social media.
Some of Gwin’s favorite podcasts include “Hello, Beautiful Nerds”, by Roman Mars and “Serial”, which is one of the most downloaded podcasts of all time. He wrapped up by telling us that there is a podcast at
Ernest Ladd, Jr. presented a certificate to Mr. Gwin acknowledging a donation in his name to one of Mobile Rotary Clubs charities.
The meeting was adjourned at 1:00 pm.