Aug. 30, 2018

Minutes of the August 30, 2018, Meeting
The Rotary Club of Mobile
Call to Order: The meeting was called to order by President Ernest Ladd IV at 12:15 PM. Cart Blackell offered the invocation and Larry Sindel led the group in song accompanied by Bill Oppenheimer. Jeff Zoghby welcomed visiting Rotarians and members’ guests.
• Ernest Ladd reminded members to pick up a new roster.
• Garrett Williamson announced that a Rotary Happy Hour is scheduled for Tuesday, September 18th at Five Bar and Restaurant located at 609 Dauphin Street. Please invite potential Rotarians to join us.
Program: Dumas Wesley Center: Joni Hendee
Kate Carver introduced Joni Hendee, who is the Marketing and PR Director for the Dumas Wesley Center. Ms. Hendee gave a brief review of the center’s purpose, noting that 260,000 services to date have been provided. She then began describing the work of their Sybil Smith Family Village which offers transitional housing while helping homeless families regain their self-worth and re-enter society.
Ms. Hendee outlined a case where a woman escaping spousal abuse arrived with just two suitcases and her 6 year old son. She was given a home at the Sybil Smith Village and after two years of counseling and training found a new beginning. She went on to full time employment, bought a home and has happily remarried. Ms. Hendee then disclosed that the client she just described was herself – one of over 1076 served to date.
Ms. Hendee told the audience that families with children are the fastest growing segment of the homeless. She added that the success rate of the Sybil Smith Family Village stands at 85% – an enviable rate far above the national average.
After answering a number of questions, Ernest thanked Ms. Hendree and noted that in her honor a donation has been made to the Rotary Children’s Foundation.
The meeting adjourned at 12:45 PM.
Tom McGehee