Aug. 18, 2016

Minutes of the Rotary Meeting – August 18, 2016
By: Henry R. Seawell, IV
Invocation, Song, Music and Pledge
Les Greer called the meeting to order. Reverend Beverly Gibson gave the invocation. Tommy Blankenship led the Song and Pledge, accompanied by Bill Oppenheimer on the piano.
Introduction of Guests and Visitors: Tom Martenstein. Two new members of the organization were introduced, including State Farm agent Ken McElhaney (Intro by Henry Callaway) and Wilmer Hall’s Pratt Patterson (Intro by Sally Greene).
Announcements: Rotarians with 100% attendance were honored, the most impressive of which was John Moses, who has demonstrated his devotion to the organization with 33 years of perfect attendance. Our Club was visited by Rotary International President John Germ, who provided us with a special message regarding membership. As part of this effort, Les Greer implemented “Table Talk,” whereby each table was tasked with identifying one or more prospective members to bring to the next meeting.
Speaker: Anna Katherine Ray, Sponsorship & Community Outreach Chair / Girls of the Run South Alabama, was introduced by Matt Head.
Anna Katherine Ray serves as the Sponsorship & Community Outreach Chair of Girls of the Run South Alabama (“Girls Run”), an after-school program for 3rd to 5th grade girls. The program is designed to support both physical and emotional well-being for these young ladies and – over the course of twelve weeks of training – prepare them to complete a Five Kilometer Race.
The genesis of Ms. Ray’s involvement in Girls Run was her 4th grade daughter, who was having some challenges developing her confidence, which challenges were impacting her school experience. Girls Run became an excellent confidence booster, and Anna Katherine’s daughter discovered an abundance of untapped potential. After completing the Girls Run program, her child had demonstrated the ability to face adversity head-on and the confidence to become a successful young lady.
The scope of Girls Run is impressive. Over the course of twenty (20) years, Girls Run has shared its program and mission with over one million young ladies – over 180,000 this year alone.
The meeting was adjourned.